Jet Ski TV Round 1 IFWA Surf Slam 2015 5:04 pm

WOW! What an amazing event!!!

Thank you to Jason and Matt both freaking legends of the sport and all the SCJSC members!

#BestJet SkiEventeverheldinAustralia   #Madeitlookeasy  # Youguysrock

Jason and Matt organised and ran a huge event on the world wide stage. It was bigger and better than anything we’ve ever seen. There was not a stone left unturned by these Jet Ski legends and what they have done for the sport in Australia has never been rivaled.

The crowds had a ball, the competitors were stoked and noone knew what they enjoyed the most from the competition, the competitors willingness to have a chat and give advice , the social life around the event or the “Dash for Cash” which is the funniest thing we’ve ever seen at a Jet Ski Event.  cl

thx to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen and we cant wait for 2016!!!

For heaps more photos just head to Jet Ski Club

IMG_5557 JetSkiClub IFWA Oz Surf Slam Alex Head QLD (14) JetSkiTV 2015 IFWA Freeride Surf Slam Alex Head Queensland - Mark Gomez(1) JetSkiTV 2015 IFWA Freeride Surf Slam Alex Head Queensland - Mark Gomez(2)   JetSkiTV 2015 IFWA Freeride SUrf Slam Alex Head Queensland - Pierre Maixent(4)

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