Jet Ski Club – Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island & Noosa Adventure Rides 7:54 pm

It was the long weekend in June and we set of in a Northerly direction to do some exploring Jet Ski style.

It was 3 days of riding fun and we all packed as much into one weekend as it possible.

It was such a beautiful place to visit and we will be heading back there again soon I’m sure.

Whenever we went to shore the sand was just so incredibly deep.

It was almost impossible to walk on as you just went down below your knees every step taken.     See more on Jet Ski Club

JetSkiClub Fraser Island Jet Ski Ride Sunday 7th June 2015   JetSkiClub Rainbow Beach Fraser Island Ride June 2015 (5) (1)

JetSkiClub Rainbow Beach Fraser Island Ride June 2015 (7)   JetSkiClub Rainbow Beach Fraser Island Ride June 2015 (11)

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