Jet Ski Adventure Ride – Cowan Cowan, Queensland 3:20 pm

Wow! what an awesome weekend wh

thx to Cath & Mr TD for organising wonderful aaccommodation with a bottomless bottle of our fav brew haha.

The weather was perfect, the water was beautiful and Queensland was shining all weekend :)

There are some stunning photos from the weekend too.

It was great to see everyone out on their Skis enjoying themselves. Lets hope this is just the start of a summer to remember  clp clp clp

Visit Jet Ski Club for more details and photos

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10171258_10152578989115999_3458374208398183055_n 10635831_10152578989170999_6317088207761687221_n JetSKiClub Moreton Island Adventure Weekend Aug 2014 (13)JetSKiClub Moreton Island Adventure Weekend Aug 2014 (1)



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