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Happy Jet Ski Holidays – JetSki.XXX Mega Gift Pack $135

Spoil someone (or something) special this Holidays.

Grab a JetSki.XXX Premium Jet Ski Clean and Care products Gift Pack.

Pack contains each of the six JetSki.XXX Clean and Care products to keep your Ski and Ride Gear in tip top condition.

Over $150 value for only $135!!!


Pack Contains

1 x extreme clean    

Extreme Performance 4 – Jet Ski Oil $49.95

Extreme Performance 4 – High Performance Jet Ski Engine Oil


Premium quality Jet Ski Oil SAE 10w40 FC-W & Jaso MA.

Synthetic fortified 4 stroke.

Meets or exceeds all of the requirements for Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda.

Formulated specifically for use in Jet Skis by Jet Skiers.

Ideal for mixing with JetSki.XXX Extreme Proof.

Includes corrosion inhibitors

Extreme Grip – Jet Ski Passenger Grips $49.95

No need for a special Life Jacket.

Just put the passenger grips around the outside of your Life Jacket and add instant comfort and security for your passengers.

Passengers can ride standing up in tandem with you in rough water.

They make riding “two up” an enjoyable experience!

One Size fits all.

No passenger should ever

Extreme Hold – Jet Ski Footholds $49.95

Foothold (side lifter) pair.

Designed for racing and extreme recreational riding.

60mm high x 50mm wide x 620mm long

Clean the hull thoroughly to remove all wax and oils before placing. Press down firmly.

Apply Extreme Holds onto the hull directly above the top of your riding boots all the way along the hull.

Seal with

Jet Ski TV Tee Shirts $39.95

Get the Jet Ski TV “Crew” Tee Shirts while they last.

One size fits all. Please let us know if you’re after Mens or Ladies design.

Postage is available anywhere. International Orders in any quantity welcome. Please Contact Us for details and payment

JetSki.XXX – Extreme Proof™ $29.95

Viscosity Index Booster and Oil Water Proofer

Download the Brochure


JetSki.XXX Extreme Proof – Viscosity Index Booster & Oil Water Proofer has a high viscosity index which improves the lubrication properties of conventional oils, especially when contaminated by water.

It reduces wear and power loss due to friction, heat generation and gum varnish

Extreme Flush – Premium Grade Jet Ski Engine, Intercooler and exhaust Flush $29.95

Extreme Flush –  Premium Grade Jet Ski Flush


 Salt destroying and PH neutralising solution
Removes all traces of corrosive deposits
Use to flush out the cooling system, the intercooler, engine bay and exhaust systems.
Flush away algae or weed that blocks your vital cooling lines.
Use after every ride, even after fresh water use.
Premium Grade

Extreme Tow – Tow Car Wash and Wax $19.95

Extreme Tow – Jet Ski Tow Vehicle  Wash and Wax Replenisher

As the old saying goes, “protect the tow vehicle first”. Without a vehicle to tow, there isn’t going to be much riding.

There is a very high concentration of polymers to make the paintwork bead like new.

It’s impossible to launch without

Extreme Fresh – Jet Ski Wetsuit Wash $29.95

 Extreme Fresh – Premium Grade Jet Ski Wetsuit Wash

Designed for cleaning, conditioning and maintaining Jet Ski riding gear

 Removes salt, chlorine, bacteria and unwanted odours

Place all Wetsuits, Tour Coats, Gloves and Boots and gear into a large tub and fill with water

Add Extreme Fresh Wetsuit Wash to the tub at approximately 300:1

JetSki.XXX – Extreme Gleam Jet Ski Polish $29.95

Extreme Gleam – Professional Grade Jet Ski Polish


Premium blend of polymers, resins and ultra high melting point waxes

Protects the  Jet Ski from the harsh effects of salt and sun exposure

Conditions the colour and creates a sparkling showroom finish

Simple spray bottle for no fuss application

Jet Ski will wash off easily after

JetSki.XXX Extreme Conditioner $24.95

Extreme Condition – Jet Ski Conditioner and protector.

Conditions, rejuvenates and protects all hulls, plastic and vinyl decals, fittings and race numbers from fading and deterioration.

Specifically designed for use in harsh Jet Ski environments

Dries into the surface, sealing in the color, protecting from UV rays to maximise condition.

Reconditions after salt and sun

JetSki.XXX Extreme Clean Jet Ski Wash $19.95

Extreme Clean – Premium Grade Jet Ski Wash

Specifically designed for  use on Jet Skis
Inhibits rust and corrosion and provides residual protection in vulnerable areas such as the pump,  storage and dashboard
Removes Salt Residue and abrasive grime particles
Leaves the gel coat and plastic surfaces crystal clean
Effortless application greatly reduces the time and

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