About Jet Ski TV


Do you have a Jet Ski Event or a Story we can cover?

Jet Ski TV is a concept designed to promote Jet Ski events from all over the world.

Our goal is to highlight the positive aspects of Jet Skiing and demonstrate to anyone thinking about joining the sport, just how anyone at all can be involved and have a great time.

We have focused on bringing Racing, Social and adventure events to the Jet Ski Community by making it readily available over the internet channels that are of interest to the Watercraft community.

Our work has inspired others to do the same and all of this has driven Jet Skiing toward becoming Australia’s best and most admired sport for both families and competitive people alike.

If you think we should know more about what you do for the industry or perhaps sponsor you, let us know about it here Contact Us.

For 2016 Media Kits please visit the JetSki.Network 

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